A broad scan. A deep dive.

The Future 50 partnership opens with a broad scan of today’s turbulent landscape and the challenges it creates for our partner organizations. Then it dives deep, drawing from IFTF’s more than 50 years of futures- and sector-focused research to outline the necessary foresight for navigating it. Each year, IFTF contextualizes that deep dive by focusing on a particular futures lens. For 2019 that lens on the future is power.

An alliance of visionaries in an age of volatility.

IFTF’s Future 50 partners invest in critical research, enlightened facilitation, and strategic experimentation to shape the future of a world in flux.

Future 50 partners receive:

    • CUTTING-EDGE FORESIGHT from across all of IFTF research labs.
    • IFTF FORESIGHT GUIDE to connect the dots between IFTF forecasts and your strategic priorities.
    • FUTURE 50 STRATEGIC WORKSHOP to immerse your organizational stakeholders into futures thinking tools, processes, and frameworks.
    • TICKETS TO IFTF’s 2019 ANNUAL TEN-YEAR FORECAST SUMMIT on the future of society, economy, work, organizations, and technology.
    • MAP OF THE DECADE & ALTERNATIVE SCENARIOS exploring new sources of power and disruption and forecasting emerging possibilities.
    • DIY STRATEGIC FORESIGHT TOOLKIT to help you identify opportunities for action in your organization or community.
    • SIGNALS PERSPECTIVE REPORTS from experts in emerging technologies, health, food, and next generation voices.
    • EXCLUSIVE PARTNER PORTAL with access to current and past proprietary IFTF research and forecasts.

IFTF’s Future 50 partnership serves many of the world’s leading organizations, including:


For more than 50 years, Institute for the Future has helped companies, governments, and individuals think creatively and pragmatically about the future. It achieves this by developing tools and methodologies that guide and accelerate the transformation of long-term foresight into practical, near-term insight.

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